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  1. Hi there, thanks for the nice reply, i don't believe the usb stick is broken, my colleagues use it as well without problems. Also i made a mistake in the last post, CREO is the other program my colleagues and me are using for modeling. I only sliced in cura. I'm not sure how this code could help me but i will attach those files (for some reason i can't upload ufp files. and i was unsure which log file is the right one so i send a lot). i usually use ufp. I still wonder what could have changed since it worked fine in November and earlier. failed print.3mf process_data.log sensor_data.log dmesg.log flow_ptcr-Ultimaker.log process_data.log sensor_data.log flow_ptcr-Ultimaker.log
  2. Hello dear Ultimaker people, first things first: i print on a S5 and slice my files using Cura 4.4.1 or 3.6 on a Windows 10 machine. The issue i have: All my colleagues use the printer without problems but my models abort on the first centimeters (an error occurred while processing the file on line xxx) since about the firmware update from 4th of December. My colleagues use cura and i mostly use blender so i modeled a test object, one in cura and one in blender -> both were printable without error. So i tried different export methods: i used .obj i imported the stl in cura and exported it again -> nothing worked, some models are just not printable even though the slicing worked without problems. I even opened the g-code file and searched for the mentioned line but it was just a normal command as every other. So i tried printing it via ethernet -> same problem. A colleague then generated the print file for me on his laptop using an older cura software -> no sucess there either. I also updated the Firmware to the 12 of December version -> still no change. Changing some print settings also failed. I am at the end of my wisdom now, are there any other factors that could influence the print in such a way?
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