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  1. Hey all! Just wanted to chime in I'm having the same issue. Using a UM3, Cura 4.4.1, PLA on either extruder (single extrusion prints). The prime blob gets hit by the print head every time, resulting in a print blob somewhere on the bed where it shouldn't be. Sometimes a brim or skirt helps, but sometimes it just ends up hitting the hot end (not fun) or it ends up sticking to the print head, together with a little 'hair' of PLA that brushes over the print (not fun either). The fix seems fairly simple to me (and has been outlined above), is this something that has be
  2. Hi! I've worked mostly with an UM2 but recently have started with a UM3. Overall, the experience is pretty good and I'm liking the firmware. However, there is one thing that gets in the way of my workflow and it is this. When a print is failing and I abort the print, the printer then blocks any interaction, showing a progress bar and the message "Cooling PrintCores", with the temperatures of both PrintCores. This has been a huge time waster for me, as I typically just have to unclog the nozzle or restart the print outright, both actions which I would like the PrintCores
  3. Hi all, Currently I am looking for a 3D print service that can print a part of ±16x16x16mm in two flexible materials: one (electrically) conductive and one non-conductive. I have tried prints myself with NinjaTek Eel but without a proper direct drive printer it's been difficult to get good results. I've asked around with ShapeWays, iMaterialise and some other local print services but it seems very few people are commercially printing with NinjaTek Eel (or a comparable material). So, my question is: Does anyone know of a service that can print dual-extrusion flexible mat
  4. Hi all! First of all, that's an amazing contraption 🙂 In your experience, with what filament hardness should one switch to a direct drive on the UM3? I am looking to get printing with NinjaTeks Eel filament (Shore 90A) but not sure if this would require an upgrade like the Zero Gravity direct drive. Thanks for any and all insights!
  5. Hey All! I know this is an old post, but I have a question about the 'maximum flexibility' that one can get away with on an UM3. Does anyone have any experience with printing NinjaTek Eel on an UM3? Thanks for any insights on this!
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