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  1. I've had great luck with broad surfaces and cloth using Scotch brand "Super 77". It seems to stick to...EVERYTHING!! It starts out instantly crazy-tacky! The tacky lasts quite a while, I've heard the suggestion of applying to both surfaces, waiting 15 minutes for the tacky to start curing, then apply them. But honestly, I've had great success applying with just one side and only 1-3 minutes wait. So there is lots of leeway. It seems to be perfectly soluble with your regular ol' Ronsonol Lighter Fluid, which doesn't seem to affect the PLA at all. Spray sparingly on the surface you want to stick to everything, then use a tiny cotton scrap with some lighter fluid on it to clean up. It doesn't harden to concrete, at least in in the short-term. So cyanoacrylate might be better for stick-real-hard-right-now applications. But I absolutely swear by this stuff! It's awesome. e.g. Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray $11 You'll never finish a can! 🙂
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