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  1. That is awesome information and very helpful. I was successful. I have no idea what happened. I am very confused, but happy that it worked. Thanks for the info though
  2. I am having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?
  3. Same result, downloaded with chrome. EDIT: Reformatted again and used the files downloaded with chrome, it saw them. both updated all the way to 5.4.27 successfully.
  4. I will give that a shot. I don't have any other ideas at this point.
  5. alright, loaded a new .ufp onto the USB root directory, those 2 printers saw it fine. Additionally, I have used this same USB to update 6 other S5s to 5.4.27 that were purchased later and had firmware later than 5.1.94 from the factory, so I suspect that the usb works.
  6. yup, that's the plan if I can get it to that point.
  7. I am trying to update 2 S5s at my work. They are not connected to the internet, cannot be, and They have and Following the instructions on the Firmware Update page, I downloaded rootfs- rootfs- and placed them on a FAT32 USB. when plugged into either S5, I went to >Update Firmware and nothing appeared. I attempted power cycling, factory resetting, reformatting to FAT32, zero pass reformatting to NTFS, CuraConnect resetting, and removing 'root' fr
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