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  1. That is awesome information and very helpful. I was successful. I have no idea what happened. I am very confused, but happy that it worked. Thanks for the info though
  2. I am having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?
  3. Same result, downloaded with chrome. EDIT: Reformatted again and used the files downloaded with chrome, it saw them. both updated all the way to 5.4.27 successfully.
  4. I will give that a shot. I don't have any other ideas at this point.
  5. alright, loaded a new .ufp onto the USB root directory, those 2 printers saw it fine. Additionally, I have used this same USB to update 6 other S5s to 5.4.27 that were purchased later and had firmware later than 5.1.94 from the factory, so I suspect that the usb works.
  6. yup, that's the plan if I can get it to that point.
  7. I am trying to update 2 S5s at my work. They are not connected to the internet, cannot be, and They have and Following the instructions on the Firmware Update page, I downloaded rootfs- rootfs- and placed them on a FAT32 USB. when plugged into either S5, I went to >Update Firmware and nothing appeared. I attempted power cycling, factory resetting, reformatting to FAT32, zero pass reformatting to NTFS, CuraConnect resetting, and removing 'root' from the name. I have seen a lot of people on the forums saying they have issues verifying the firmware file, but for me it doesn't show up at all, the screen says 'update firmware' at the top with black underneath. Downloaded with iexplorer, all filetypes are intact, I cant use a different USB stick either. Any ideas?
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