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  1. Hallo, PVA is lastig materiaal om mee te werken. Het wordt snel broos en breekt dan in de bowdentube. wanneer dit gebeurd werkt terugtrekken niet meer en blijft er voorddurend materiaal uit de printkop stromen. Let er ook op dat het material station het filament alleen droog houd en niet droog maakt. Als PVA te veel problemen geeft, is het misschien een optie om ander ondersteunings materiaal te gebruiken. Ik heb goede ervaring met BVOH. Het is ook in water oplosbaar en biologisch afbreekbaar, maar het breekt minder snel.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll cut the filament in 1 kg pieces and modify the profile to work with the material station.
  3. Hallo, I have a spool of filament that is mostly made of metal (BASF Ultrafuse 316L). It fits in the Material Station, but it is a lot heavier than normal filament: 3kg. Is it OK to put this in the Material Station? The user manual mentions a maximum size for filament spools, but no maximum weight.
  4. Hello, You can create a new profile by exporting an existing profile, then editing it with a text editor, and importing it again. Cura uploads new profiles to the printer when it (Cura) is restarted. Make a new material profile for each colour. The material name and GUID must be unique or Cura won't upload it to the printer. Here are two examples (warning: not tested!). Sorry I had to zip them, there are restrictions to the types of files I can attach. testprofiles.zip
  5. Hello, I put a humidity meter in my material station for a while, and the humidity slowly went down to 19%. PVA filament can get brittle when it is held under tension. When this happens it can break when it is loaded or unloaded. I don't think it is a humidity problem. I switched to using BVOH for disolvable support material. It is far less likely to break.
  6. Hello, Did you enable the "Smooth Spiralized Contours" setting? The Cura settings guide says it is this setting that removes the seam. Kind regards, Dennis
  7. Hello, The printer dumping a few strands of filament next to the bed at the beginning and end of a print is normal. I think it only does this when the Material Station is attached, so you may not have seen it before. A blob of plastic stuck to a nozzle or the bed can cause the error about the difference between print cores as it can mess up the height measurements. A poorly seated print core may also cause this problem. Kind regards, Dennis
  8. Hello, Use a transparent material, or a material with glitters/sparkles in it. The flow lines on the first layer will still be there, but they are much less visible. Kind regards, Dennis
  9. PVA filament gets brittle when it is too dry or when it is pulled straight and held like that for a while. Broken off pieces of filament are slightly curved and can get jammed easily. Have you tried pushing the broken piece out from both sides? Push it by hand while the material station is switched off. You may need to disconnect the end of the bowden tube that connects to the underside of the decoupler. Kind regards, Dennis
  10. Hello, I have an Ultimaker S5 at home and would like to help. Unfortunately, my job makes it very difficult to contact me during daytime hous. Is that a problem? Also, I don't like my address and contact information being availably to literally everybody. Can some information be hidden from people who don't need any help? Kind regards, Dennis
  11. Thanks for your suggestion. I got a hygrometer and left it in the Material Station overnight. Humidity went from 47% to 26%, so the Material Station is working like it should. There must be another reason why my PVA got wet. kind regards, Dennis
  12. Hello, Some time ago I bought the material station for my Ultimaker S5. I thought it would keep filament dry to make printing with nylon and PVA easier. Unfortunately it does not do this. I left a spool of PVA in the material station for about two weeks and it is now wet. It crackles and pops when extruding and there are strings and blobs all over the place. Is the material station malfunctioning? How is it suppost to keep filament dry anyway? There is no moisture absorbent in the filament compartiment and there doesn't seem to be any airflow going through the machine
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