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  1. Thank you SO much for helping with this, ahoeben. I did get it to work once I'd realized that Mac OS was hiding the additional extensions. It would be so nice if the actual Cura profile could save directly in .hvs. I feel like that would be an easy edit to make to the code of the existing profile, but I've not worked with these profiles before and wouldn't know where to start.
  2. Hi maht and ahoeben. I'm back at my computer and am including a link to a working .hvs file. Any help in this direction is appreciated. I will also explore your github as suggested, maht. Here's a benchy that works on our machine. Thanks! Marc
  3. Thanks, Maht and ahoeben for your replies! I’m out of town and away from my working computer at the moment. WHen I get home, I’ll generate a working .hvs and post it here. Thanks again, Marc
  4. I am hoping to use Cura with my students to facilitate file prep for multiple FDM/FFF printers including a Makerbot Rep2, a Raise N2 Plus and our newest printer, a Cubicon Style Plus. My problem is with the printer profile for the Cubicon in Cura. While there is a profile and the settings seem to be good, I can't export the file to the hvs format that the printer requires. I've tried loading the g-code file (which the printer doesn't see) and changing the file extension of the gcode file to .hvs (which the printer also doesn't see). Has anyone solved this problem? If so how? Ideally, sin
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