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  1. OK, so after searching through Google, I found this one page which seems to have solved the problem. I followed through with the clear instructions & video and I'm good to go .. 😁 Problem seemed to be the adjusting bed screws on the front of the plate were too loose. Here's the link for anyone else in trouble, hope it helps https://fbrc8.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001392851-Why-Isn-t-My-Active-Leveling-Working-
  2. Hi all have a problem just cropped up today. Sent a job to print on the S5 and after initializing, and going through the leveling procedure the machine stops and say "Active leveling could not be performed. Please check nozzle and bed and try again". Now, I went through setup and leveled the bed, and checked nozzles. nothing I could see was wrong, but this is now the third time I went through the above/ Any suggestions or fixes?
  3. CarloK Thanks for your input; It would be good to implement as an experimental feature either on Cura or on the screen. I could live with a tolerance of +-1m But at least you have an approximate idea (without taking the roll off and weighing it) of how much material you have to play with. I mean, why use NFC without using it to the full potential?? Information is already there probably down to the milligram of material. it tells right there on Cura job will take so many meters / grams of material. On one roll I've completed, aborted, and had failures of various jo
  4. Hi All where would I find the amount of material left on a roll??? If the UMS5 has NFC, surely this information would be available?? Several prints, some failures .. others finished. Now I want to start a job which requires 13m of material but there's no way of knowing how much material is on the roll. Thematerial has not been removed since it was installed...
  5. Hi OK this is what I did and it's fixed my problem. Measure from the edge of your frame at each of the arrows. Making sure measurements are the same at each end of your guide rails. Make adjustment of each axis as required This should make sure your rails are perfectly straight. Alternatively, you could download and print an alignment tool like this.. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2862274 Hope this helps
  6. Hi Thelemurking I had a very similar issue when I received my S5 last week. My problem was the X rail guide had a 9mm difference from either side of the machine, and so the head was not exactly centered on the shaft. What I did was turn off the machine, bring the rail far forward as possible, then used the machine housing as a reference point and measured the distance from the guide rail to the edge of the machine. I literally pushed the black belt holder on the X axis to where it was parallel to the other side. That centered the head and now no noise. Mind you this is
  7. Hi All Not sure if the is the right place for this question; If the UMS5 print process is paused for any reason and the machine turned off for a short time, will Cura/UMS5 resume from the last position once everything is turned back on?
  8. Thanks Framar, I kept looking and didn't find that info anywhere. My Form2 indicates layer -- of -- right on the display and is a great feature. Although th UMS5 reads out time remaining for the job .. Not even Cura tells you that info, just gives a percentage of job completed but no current layer
  9. Hi All Just received my UMS5 and have run a few small/medium sized jobs with quiet a few problems along the way, but that's a different topic. My question is ... Where on the machine or software does it indicate the current layer its printing? In the Preview window of Cura 4.4 the vertical slider shows every layer, however once you start printing you only get a percentage of total job completed Am I missing something or what??
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