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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I think you are right: I tried to modify the .def.json file, enabling the prime_blob parameters without success. I will now explore the generated Gcode to discover where and how the prime blob is created.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I modified the "overrides" element of creality_ender5plus.def.json adding : "prime_blob_enable": { "enabled": true, "default_value": true }, "extruder_prime_pos_x": { "enabled": true, "default_value": 30 }, "extruder_prime_pos_y": { "enabled": true, "default_value": 30 } but with only a partial success: now "prime_blob_enable" is visible in settings and can be enabled or disabled, but both the position elements X and Y have no effect: they can be checked in the Visibility setting panel, but are never shown in the actual set
  3. Hi, I am a novice in using Cura, and I've installed Cura 4.4. and jusr now 4.5 on Windows 10 64bit machine. My 3D printer is a Creality Ender 5 plus model, having a quite large hot bed, 350x350 mm. I encontered from the beginning serious adhesion problems to the hot bed unitil I got a PEI sheet 300x300 mm (the bigger I found). This drastically improved the quality of the printing jobs, solving the adhesion issue. But there is a new problem now: the Prime Blob that is printed at the begin of each job is printed outside of the PEI sheet area, and the nozzle height in this position is of cou
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