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  1. @tinkergnome The model will be re scaled so it will be much bigger, and yes unfortunately the model is not supposed to look like that and was wondering what the reason might be as everything seems fine on the sketchup model. Sorry im really new to the 3d printing scene
  2. I was thinking something along the lines of Profile 0.1 Infil 20% Support: Enabled Adhesion: Disabled Quality Layer Height: 0.1mm Shell Wall Thickness: 1.05mm Wall Line Count: 3 Top Bottom Thickness: 0.8mm Top Thickness: 0.8mm Top Layers: 8 Bottom Thickness: 0.8mm Bottom Layers: 8 Horizontal Expansion: 0mm Material: Enable Retraction Print Speed: 50mm/s Support: Enabled Support Placement: Everywhere Support Overhang Angle: 50
  3. Hi Guys Im currently an architecture student and was thinking of 3D printing a model this week. I have attached a sketchup image of the model I will be 3d printing but was wondering if anyone would want to help me with the best quality settings for a Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer. This will be used for my final presentation thus I would want it to look as crisp as possible however I have never used the 3D printers before. 3D printer.obj
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