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  1. Hello I am trying to print this 3d vaulted arch model in cura but as soon as I slice the model the curvy bottom part of my model become flat. I tried to load the same model into prusa slicer and it turns out to be fine. However, I want to print this model with my ultimaker. So what could be the cause of this? I have attached some screenshot and the cura file below. Thanks UM3E_test object 4.3mf
  2. Thanks guys . Sorry for the late reply. But I managed to dissemble the print core and cleared the blockage.
  3. Hi guys, I have an Ultimaker 3 extend here and after a couple failed print with dual extrutions, the BB0.4 nozzle is blocked by the botched up PVAs and I cannot flush out the block with hot pull even after multiple attempts. Here are the photos showing how far the cleaning fillament will go in marked with a black marker. Any chance I can unblock the nozzle? thanks
  4. In addition, I think both of our feeder are broken. I have spoken with my colleague and there has been previous attempt to open up the feeder but the guy who worked here before might have broken something. And tension adjustment on both feeders aren't working. Where can we order replacement feeder parts? We are based in the UK
  5. Hi thanks, I checked the feeder and it is a bit dirty . There are some deep marks on the filament and I think the tension indicator has snapped off. Here are the pics below
  6. Thank yes the front belt does seem to be a bit loose. But how can I fasten it?
  7. Hi guys, I started a job at a university and we have a ultimaker 3. We are trying to print this piece for our project but it kept failing. I have attached some images below. First the print turned into a spaghetti ball while using dual extrusion with pva support. Because it's kind of urgent so we thought it might be easier to print with a single extruder. However, it didn't work either, the print start becoming stringy. And we need this piece for project next week. Please help!! fail project 1.3mf
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