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  1. Thanks! I'll give FreeCAD a try and start some tutorials. Gotta start somewhere and the sooner the better.
  2. Are there any CAD programs that integrate best with Cura 4.x via plug-in or other means? I’m just getting started and looking to make a CAD choice. Thanks!
  3. Thanks nallath - then I can uninstall V4.4.1?
  4. New to Cura - when I clicked the notification to upgrade my 4.4.1 installation, it put a second 4.5 install on my HD. Is there a way to simply upgrade? Or migrate my 4.4.1 settings over?
  5. Ah - reading that 2.87mm stock filament is advised as swaps are not as easy as just buying the right stuff.
  6. I finally switched from the stock UM 2.78mm spool of PLA to a Hatchbox 1.75mm spool I had on hand. On Machine extruder 1 settings I changed my filament diameter but get failure to extrude. It worked OK for the base of a test cube then stopped extruding. I'll bet I need to change other associated settings. Is there a cheatsheet on settings to change when changing filaments? Thanks!
  7. Success! The feeder motor was completely unplugged from the PCB. I plugged it in E1 and am just now printing the UMRobot. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks all - I appreciate the help! I'll work those troubleshooting suggestions tomorrow. It's already Miller Time here in New England. Alcohol and 3D Printers don't mix 😉
  9. I inherited a UM2+ when we acquired another small company. I wiped it clean, lubricated, installed Cura 4.x on Win10, updated the firmware, and did an Atomic Clean. When I try to load the feeder I see no signs the feeder is functioning. I squeeze the tension relief lever and load filament until it is visible in the tube, but the Move Material command doesn't move the material. I don't see or feel any sign the knurled feeder is rotating. Any help appreciated, thanks!
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