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  1. Member "Sculleyd" is absolutely right. The system does not work stable. Some spools that were fine are now recognized with the worng color. From my point of view the manual override should be implemented in the next firmware release.
  2. Thanks a lot! This will most probably solve my problems! One more thing: At first I was searching for the "Support blocker tool". A Youtube video demonstrated an old version so that I was looking for an icon that no longer exists. The lates version of Cura 4.4.1 has also Youtube videos. I would love to have a PDF-documentation of all the nice functions. It really is hard to get started with everything.
  3. Thanks for you answers. But I am sorry to tell you that I cannot find the "Support blocker Tool" in Cura 4.4.1 . The icon from former versions (despription in Youtube videos) on the left hand side ist NOT availabe. Do I have to activate it in some settings?
  4. Some objects, e.g. with an uneven bottom or overhanging structures, require the use of PVA as supporting material. It can be solved in water what usually is working. But I now have some objects (printing material PLA) that have very small canals / tubes inside. It is a pity but the Cura slicing software will also fill these canals with PVA. After having printed the object it is now impossible to remove the PVA from within the small tubes (diameter 2mm). 1.) Is there any way of how to enhance the solubility coefficient of the PVA? 2.) Is there any way of how t
  5. Since one week I am gathering experience with a new Ultimaker S5. At first I started with glue on the printers' glas plate to enhance adhaesion. But this leads to small unevenness on the bottom of the printed objects. As I noticed that my objects have a sufficiently large bottom I skipped the glue and everything was fine. On the contrary I do now think that it is hard to remove the objects from the glass plate. As recommended I am using a metal spatula to get them of the glas plate. But today I had to ntice that I damaged the glas plate which now has a small ugly hole in it. (I use
  6. Thanks for your advice. I doublechecked it: Tags are on the "right" side. The spools were bought one week ago from an official Ultimaker dealer. One moe time: Is there an option to get a new NFC tag to figure out whether it is a firmeware issue or not? It is also a pity that I cannot choose a dedicated Ultimaker filament manually. The only option is to click on "PLA generic".
  7. Just today I tried another spool (Ultimalker PLA transparent) which is also not recognized by the material station. I would be happy to hear whether anybody else has experienced the same problems. Some spools are not recognized in any slot of the material station whereas other spools are working fine.
  8. Thanks for your fast response. But I would like to monitor my printer via Android App to see whether the print job ist done and whether everything is fine. As I could not check the App so far: Is there also no connection to the camera? Or is the camera an issue for the Ultimaker cloud only?
  9. Does anyboy know details about Ultimaker's Andoid app? I wanted to connect it with my S5 so that I was asked for an IP-number. But for this purpose I will have to configure the network connection first. I would like to access the printer's camera from any place in the world so that I need to know which ports have to be opend in the firewall to establish a connection to the printer. Does anybody know which ports have to be opened for the Android App?
  10. Last week I installed an Ultimaker S5 together with material station and air manger. The firmware was upgraded to the latest version available. The first prints are fine. But an original Ultimaker PLA red spool was not recognized by the material station. It is not recognized in any slot wheras other material like Ultimaker PLA yellow is recognized in any slot. So I guess that there are two options for an error: - NFC tag of the spool is not working - Error in the firmware of the printer that does not recognize red spools Is it possible to get a NFC-Tag separat
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