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  1. Part of some of the trouble shooting I did involved changing the jerk and acceleration control. Do these values look correct or should I just uncheck the boxes? Ringing isn't something that bothers me either as most of my prints get sanded and primed anyway. I'm more concerned with being able to glue a couple pieces together more than worrying about a little ringing. I'm currently at 50 mm/sec for everything so I'm guessing that's too fast. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the help. A reset of Cura connect seems to have reset the manual level height and that worked. Also changing the initial layer height to .2 has helped a ton. Since you were so helpful with that, I have one more small issue that I haven't been able to solve. I've had the UM3E for about 3 years. When I first got the printer, the corners were tight and sharp. Now, all my prints on the corners have a round bulge. Best way to explain it. It's hard to take a picture, but I've added them. I had a much worse issue, brought my printer in and they said they adjusted one of th
  3. I have a print going right now but I will try all these when the print is done. Should be able to check all the things and get back to you tomorrow. In regards to the initial layer height, should I download a z addon for cura and change the z height? Printing some large higher detail items that are too large for my resin printer. If it's set as a default for .27 I can certainly adjust but I'd like to keep .1. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I have not tried a cura connect reset yet, didn't think that would affect the bed level. When I do a manual level I follow the onscreen instructions. I do not have a z offset plug in. If I try and do a manual bed level, the print is a good 4 to 5 mm off the bed and that's right after I did a new level. When I do an auto bed level I need to adjust all the screws by about a quarter turn to pull the bed away. If I don't, the nozzle is so close that nothing at all comes out of the nozzle, but the prime blob is working so I know the extruder works. I pri
  5. Has there been an update to this issue? I've been having the same issue. If I use auto leveling it will push the nozzle into the print bed and every time it levels I need to manually adjust all the set screws by at least a quarter turn. If I say to never use auto leveling the prints will start 4 or 5 mm above the print bed even after doing a manual level using the card to measure the distance to the build plate. My plate is original and in good condition. Anytime I change a core or at least once a week I have to manually adjust all the screws after it does an auto level. I'm using the mo
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