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  1. @SandervG we are using the Ulitimaker black poly carbonate. I did start with the base Ulitmaker profile, but found the temp and the flow rate were to high - I ended up with a lot of blobbing and stringing. I reduced the temp to 270 °C, reduced the skirt/brim flow to 68%, and reduced the flow for walls/top/bottom to 90%. I also set retraction to 10 mm and disabled Z-Hop - these were both to reduce stinging. The end results are parts that are coming out very clean with little to no post printing processing required.
  2. I noticed that on the front panel of my S5 I can pull up the serial number of the individual print cores..... but not the serial number of the actual printer. It would be nice to be able to pull up the printer serial number so you don't have to try and swing it out from the wall - which is a bit of a pain when you have the entire S5 Pro bundle. Just a wish list item for a future update 🤞
  3. We are printing in black PC for added UV resistance. Johnny
  4. We are printing with Ultimaker PC I did make some adjustments to the basic profile to get good prints here is a copy of the profile from Cura. The biggest changes were to reduce the temp from 280 to 270 on the hot end, reduce the flow from 100% to 92%, reduce the flow for the brim from 100% to 85% (might even reduce that one by another 5%), reduce speed to 35 mm/s (for .1 mm resolution), and disable Z-hop. For bed adhesion we clean the glass bed with rubbing alcohol and put down a thin even layer of glue stick while the bed is cold. And let the bed cool completely before removing the part - the part will just slide right off if you let it cool! If you don't need super strong parts you can reduce the number of wall, top, and bottom layers - we bumped them up for super strong parts. Johnny PolyCarb.curaprofile
  5. We are printing electronics enclosures in PC that will be bolted to pumps to measure bearing frame temps that can see a constant 200 °F, plus living outdoor. The electronics are fully potted as well for water proofing.
  6. I am a designer for Cornell Pump Company in Portland, OR USA and we recently purchased a Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle to use for rapid prototyping of enclosures for a new IIOT device we are creating. We are printing exclusively in poly-carbonate in order to make functional prototypes that we are then subjecting to tests. Once we have nailed down our form factor and design we will switch to plastic mold injection for production runs, but the S5 has been great for rapid iterations of the design. One of our tests involved a hexagonal part with a 3/8-16 grade 5 bolt passing through the base, we then encapsulated the bolt head in epoxy and applied torque to the assembly to see at what point either the printed housing or the epoxy would fail. On one test the housing and epoxy failed at 40 ft/lbs and on the other test the bolt actually sheared in half at 37 ft/lbs.... but the housing and epoxy showed no visible damage. Needless to say we are very pleased at the mechanical properties we are achieving with the prints and the Ultimaker poly-carbonate material. Thank you, Johnny Rodriguez
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