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  1. I upload another photo. Looks like is makung some small dots not everywere just in the curves. On straight lines is ok the printing
  2. Hello i have a anycubic mega s printer and when i print you can see in that photo on cornerners look like the surface have some printing issues. Can i change some setting is cura?
  3. i have a anycubic i3 mega s and i try to print tpu and is impossible take a look in the photo . Is starting to print and after few second i makes like you see in the photo and also it stopes to take out fillament
  4. I am a beginner i don't understand too much what should i change to retract ?
  5. Hello I have a problem when i print tpu in the middle you see when is moving to the other part is leaving a thin material and connect the parts. What i can do?
  6. I still have this problem when is moving to another zone is moving very fast and is passing thru the middle and leaving a line of the material you can see in the photo do you have any idea how to correct this problem??
  7. I don t understand what means "try to tweak your retraction and z-hop settings"
  8. Hello When is moving the printer to go to another zone for printing is leaving material on the back and destroy my project what i need to do? I print with PLA at 200 °C stadard cura settings
  9. I have a anycubic i3 mega s. i change to 0.25 nozzle and looks like is working
  10. Hello I try to print something but is not right , when i look in Cura app it shows like it couldn't print all. Anybody know why? I attache 2 photos to see how it needs to be and how it looks on the simulation. I need to make some changes?
  11. Hello I have a problem i don t know what to do to print a fillet. I design this product but the fillet is imposible to print what i can do? My result is a mess is not ok the fillet
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