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  1. Great! Thank you for hopping on this. I will update the thread once I print with these settings and see if this resolves the issue.
  2. Here is the STL file for the test track! Test Track 4cm.STL
  3. Hello! I'm printing roller coaster track I've created in SolidWorks and am having trouble bridging the top diagonal sections due to the way Cura is slicing the first skin layer on the bridge. The part shown is a small test printing section of the full sized component so that I can dial in settings like this before printing all of the track sections. Some of the full-size sections are curved, hence why I'm orientation the part sideways. The print time of the full sections is reduced from 30+ hours (oriented vertically with support material supporting the track arc) to 13 hours when oriented on its side. That's why I'm really trying to make bridging work here. I've dialed in my print settings for bridging and have gotten desirable results. When I slice my part, the first layer has good bridging in the X & Y directions, but when it goes for the diagonal beam, it prints the boarder first, leaving two corner sections mid-air (which isn't supported/connected to anything) and causes stringing for the first few layers. I did a full size print (prior to calibrating bridge settings) and it took a very long time to clean up the stringing on the print. The obvious solution here is to add supports, but my experience with cleaning the stringing on the print makes me really not want to deal with that for the 20+ track sections on this build. Support on all bridges would be difficult to take out as it's very tough to reach the inside with the diagonals getting in the way. Is there any way to modify the first skin layer of the bridge so that the diagonal corners parts are not midair? Something like connecting the skin layer to the vertical supports or something like that? Edit: I have added the STL file to the part. Also, I am not looking to modify the part itself, just the slicing/print settings. Any help here appreciated!
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