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  1. Hello, try with an infill percentage of 20%. You can try with less, but 2% is to low. 20% infill is my preffered value; whth small modells I use 33% or more.
  2. Hello, I would try to install the next version (4.1); normally on my computer (OSX), it makes a copy of all preferences. Afterwards (if running) you should update at least to 4.3; -->4.4 and 4.5 have issues with holes... --> I have simultanely installed 4.3, 4.4.1, 4.5 and can use the version I need! good luck
  3. Hello, can you try this: export the profiles?
  4. Hello, in the marketplace, there are tools for updating for not to loose any confogurations. Install before upgrade (the actual version upgrade installs automatically). I don't need the versions 4.0-->4.1 and 4.1-->4.2: I uninstalled these manually. What i don't know: upgrading for many versions! -->You should leave the old version installed, only install the newest version. On my computer (mac) it works fine (-->rename the old version...).
  5. 5th pic: same as 4nd pic, but 90° rotation
  6. Hello, after a few misprints, I found, that cura 4.5 made wrong holes, if a cube (openscad) was used to make a hole. All holes are only some mm from each edge! 1st pic: from openscad 2nd pic: wrong name 3nd pic: Cura prepare 4nd pic: Cura preview, you can see what's going wrong.
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