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  1. I just got a roll of pc max and it seems to print like a charm on my Um2+ with modified all metal hotend. In order to achieve good layer bonding and make maximum use of the materials strength I print at at least 265C under an enclosure. Warping hasn’t been an issue so far as long as you keep the bed temp around 95-100C and make use of a glue stick evenly spread over the build plate (in my case of an UM2 glass). I don’t use a brim. Coming time I’ll experiment with a small fan speed of 5-10 percent as that might improve the prints aesthetics more. For the right settings the Cnc kitchen review of
  2. Hi there, I decided to start building the DXU upgrade for my UM2+, however I noticed that the hotend kit found on taobao is not available at this moment and that the alternative aliexpress variant would differ in size. Therefore I was wondering whether it would be possible to acquire the original design file (fusion 360?) in order to make the necessary modifications to fit the SANbrother hotend. Also I would like to slightly improve the design with snap fit casing, countersunk screws and slightly bigger dimension of the fan part attachment.
  3. the previous BOM was the unsaved original. Now the edited version with all the parts from 2 aliexpress suppliers: SANBrother and bolts from Nindejin. Please note the following: - as earlier mentioned the Hotend kit from SANBrother is slightly different and requires some adjustment of the original DXU design. - Some parts are available on Ali but much more expensive. Primarily the Fans, PI insulator, extruder motor. BOM_aliexpress.xlsx.zip
  4. Hi there, I decided to start building the DXU upgrade for my UM2+ ordered al the hardware parts and polycaronate for printing all the parts. The only doubt I had was that the 35w heater would be on the light side, so I replaced that with a 40W heater set. It might be too much as well resulting in a less sable temperature, but we will see. As soon as all is finished Ill share the results. Furthermore I managed to get most of the parts directly from Aliexpress and some were ordered via Superuser (good taobaoagent) when there was a substantial price difference for the same quality. t
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