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  1. Hi I contacted the Ultimaker help desk, they suggested I update to the latest firmware. Since doing so I've printed about 60 parts without further problem.
  2. Hi I am having exactly the same problem with my S5. Until I can get an answer to what is happening from Ultimaker, I have to switch the printer off and on again every time i want to start the next print. The ondy difference between it working or not working is that I switched it off and on again so does not appear to be a cable or electrical interference issue.
  3. Thank you, the 'pause print', 'change material' method worked well. Print continued without any negative effect
  4. Hi I'm part way through a big print and its now looking like I will need to fit a fresh spool of Tough PLA before it finishes. Hopefully I can "pause print" and "change filament" at any time, is this correct? I assume if the change-over is quick there should be no negative effect on the part. A bit worried about spoiling a print which is about 30 hours in. Any help would be appreciated.
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