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  1. I totally agree with your point, In my situation, my company order the ultimaker pro bundle for the look than usability, I rather to have 2 to 3 ultimaker S3 machine than the bundle.
  2. Are you guys thinking of adding this option or just think this is an dumb idea?
  3. b) the material station did really good on this function, once you select / npc the filament in the material station, they automatic selected the correct material of filament from the station. But make sure you install the filament in the correct nozzle port and select the correct profile in cura while you slice the model. The only problem I got with the material station, is that they do not have selection on color. so I always accident print the wrong color when I have the same material filament in the material station.
  4. Is it possible to set the customize material on different colors as well. I do a lot of due color print in my S5 pro bundle, (99% I use PLA but different color combination) If there is any button to choose when I install the filament in the material station, this would be nice.
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