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  1. 1) I can try that. Thank you. 2) That is not an option. The employee did not leave the company on good terms. 3) Also, not an option. It was digitally scanned from an archaeological artifact. 4) The previous employee did not use the printer properly, and it is now broken beyond repair.
  2. I inhereted gcode models from a previous colleague. However, the models are no where to be found. I'm trying to see if I can export the model from the gcode file. I've tried stl, obj, etc. but keep getting an error message, "There is no mesh to write". Does anyone have any suggestions? How can I export the data to a usable format? This was created with the Ultimaker 2, and we now have the Ultimaker 3. There is no separation in filament types. The current model allows for a dissolve-able filament, while the previous one didn't (to the best of my knowledge). I've also seen th
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