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  1. Ok, I can move this back to 'solved' again, after working with Ulimaker support. They sent me a new print head circuit board, not the sensor, but the board on the back of the head that controls the head. Haven't had a single instance of failed leveling since then and have probably run 20 print jobs through it. My satisfaction level is definitely improved now that it's running reliably.
  2. That was one of the first things I've checked, and it is running 5.3.10, which is the most current version right now. -Hans
  3. I wish I had a solution to this. Some days it'll go a half dozen prints without issue. Then there are days like today. Printed first try this morning, and hasn't successfully printed since then. The room I have the printer in doesn't have any other powered electrical devices turned on. Not even the lights. Going to try again with the network cable disconnected. Ultimaker wanted a video, and I wasn't able to get one for them until today. I either didn't have time to work on the printer, or it was actually printing ok for a while.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't consider this solved any longer. I'm finding myself having to do the factory reset every couple of prints, due to the problem resurfacing. Same thing every time where the print bed doesn't rise up enough and I get an error during the level check. I'm hoping the next firmware update will shake it loose and stop this from happening, as it is getting a big frustrating. So far I cannot find any common theme of what's happening to possibly cause this but it's happening a frustrating amount of time.
  5. The 'Factory Reset' setting in the touchscreen menus seems to have done the trick thankfully. First try the machine auto-leveled properly. I'l come back and say if the problem comes back, but for now I'll assume it was a successful resolution. Thank you for the help
  6. Shoot, I completely forgot that bit of info. This is for the Ultimaker S3. I have not adjusted the buildplate scews at all from the factory, but I did measure to make sure it is still at the 14mm gap. I also did check for disconnected wires at the sensor board inside the print head, but haven't checked with a meter because I don't know enough about the sensor to know what I should be looking for. I think I'll try resetting the cable into the print head and check the continuity to the sensor while I have everything opened up.
  7. I'm having an issue with the bed level and nozzle offset checks when starting a print. Printer had been working fine up until yesterday. Essentially the printer attempts to do a level check at the start of the print, but the bed is now starting that check about 3/4" from the nozzle. It will either give me an error that the bed leveling failed, or that the nozzle offset is outside the expected range. Where the nozzle used to touch the bed during the check, it now stops with about a 1/4" or more gap between the nozzle and bed. I've tried manually leveling the bed before printing, and also updated to the latest firmware, but without success. Considering doing a full factory reset on the printer, but would also welcome any other areas to check.
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