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  1. I am with you on this one @Jpmreno Just happened to me with 4.6.1 . @burtoogle 's comment above may be true for some cases previous to this posting that are similar to this, but either not enough research was done before answering or there was none at all. My model was sliced without issue. When I multiplied the model to having 5 on the build plate, this "manifold" message came up. Also, I have printed this file many times in the past with the previous cura versions and never had this issue. Looks like a 4.6.2 needs to be created. Edit - Also, when looking for the "highlight
  2. Nallath, how does this answer help to resolve the issue? Telling us how fast your software is running is not a means to an end for the person with the issue. If I may, how about an answer like this-- Our QA department works diligently to remove any general software bugs, so that should not be the issue here. As a reference, if the software is running properly, you should see the settings load in around 2 seconds on boot and drops down menus open very quickly (100 ms or so)
  3. This does improve performance....thanks for your findings. It is troubling to me that default settings would cause an issue like this.
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