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  1. I am having a similar issue and need help. i have a custom printer, Core X/Y with a Kraken hot end and the dis allowed ares are all wrong. the issue is in the custom and or the linked fdmprinter json there is no defined disallowed area to remove. I am not sure where to look next. the last pic is what it should look like print area is from x5 to x300 and y0 to y330
  2. This is weird. i select a generic nylon and it changes me to unsupported profile and .1mm layer height. how do i fix this
  3. I think you are correct, it would be good if we could have it move to the tower before pausing so as not to scare us as it pauses right above the print.
  4. Cura 4.5.0 - mutli color prints I hope i am posting in the right area.(please let me know ) i have a curiosity, not necessarily a bug(not sure). when i slice a multi color print all seems fine. when i print it an the gcode gets to the T1 (change tool) it perforfn the retraction over the work and then pauses for 30 -60 sec .....and then moves to the prime tower. i do not understand where the pause comes from... it it not in the gcode. where would be a good place to start to look
  5. Man i just LOVE hanging out with smart people Thanks so much. solved
  6. 1. i found the logs. lol 2. i added the customjobprefix plugin, but i have no idea how to use it. i dont see any settings to change and there are no instructions. the link above has a button to click and add plugin, after i click it it says that it it added. i reopen cura and cannot find any setting to change. *******Update****** noticed that the plugin dir did not have the files in it so i d/l the plugin from github and installed it manually in the plugin dir. restarted and there it was. cura.log cura1.log
  7. Do You have 2 physical nozzles or 1 nozzle with 2 extruder. if it is 1 nozzle with 2 extruders, you need to check the shared heater box. in the image you posted you have set the part to use the 2nd extruder( based on color) if you only want to use the 2nd extruder, you need to make sure that the infill and support etc are set to use extruder 2 as well (by default they are assigned to extruder 1.)
  8. Where is the log, i can not seam to find it. Update Just some more info that might help... the dir was read only at the start, i had to give myself permissions on the folder to be able to edit the files. if i remove the modified files and restore the original ones ....all is fine. then i go in to the creality_cr-x.def.json file and change the "machine_extruder_count": { "default_value": 2 } to "machine_extruder_count": { "default_value": 4 } save & exit Cura wont start.
  9. I have a Tronxy Machine that was so bad i have had to throw away their electronics and replace with a duet 2 board and a 4 color print head :). i had wanted to use the creality cr-x and modify the resource files to add the 2 extra extruders and created the 2 extra extruder files. I thought i was a smartie pants till i restarted Cura...see attached image. All edits were done in Notepad++ 1. Is there a way to do this??? 2. is there a way to change the file prefix name creality_cr-x.res files.zip
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