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  1. After looking at the comments, and seeing the September delivery estimates for the parts req'd based on the BOM, I realized I actually have an extra S3 (Unused) printhead assembly which I'd needed for my S3, but haven't gotten around to installing it. Now wondering, would the S3 printhead be an easy mod for my UM2+ or should I just go with the BOM and order the necessary parts? Really amazing work btw.. I almost feel like I owe it to your efforts and should just build this DXU project rather than cheating with my surplus S3 Printhead. 😉
  2. Hey All! I've been struggling to get consistent results on my UM2+ since purchasing. Elephants foot always seems to be present, even when all initial layer settings are set to 100%... The various lines which appear to be present on almost all perimeters is particularly frustrating.. Attached are some pics of the printed part, as well as the Cura Project file. (3MF) If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. thanks in advance. t. 123.3mf
  3. just read this entire thread as I've been struggling when deciding whether using bridging/support for a specific model. I don't think I've ever managed to get a decent result when enabling the bridging options. Considering I'm on a 2 month old S3, and knowing it's capabilities, I find myself a bit underwhelmed currently with the results I've been getting. Not limited to bridging either. perhaps you could advise on some tips that could give me a good push in the right direction. side note, although, I've never reached out to you befo
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