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  1. I just tried the exact same thing today on our Ultimaker S5. I attempted to print a logo with two colours against a black base. I added the two post processing scripts in Cura: "pause at height" and "filament change". My first attempt resulted in the print pausing and then... nothing, so I removed "pause at height" and left in "filament change" in my next attempt. Unfortunately, that resulted in the same thing as well. It never prompted me to change the material. The buttons to change/unload the material from the material station were also greyed out, so I was not even able to manually do it either. I spoke to tech support and explained what I was trying to do, and they said that due to the way that the material station is set up with the printer, there is no way to do it other than to "trick" the printer into thinking that the active bolt is empty by cutting off the filament at the port 1 or port 2 entrance in the material station bay, which should then prompt the printer to tell the material station to start feeding in the next bolt of the same material.
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