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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that. I’ve installed the beta and looked at the code a bit. It looked really cool so far, maybe the Ultimaker team could look at it at help since they don’t have to do it all themselves.
  2. But still, If anyone knows why this might be happening all tips would be greatly appreciated. I’m kinda new to this so I don’t exactly even know what the problem is.
  3. If you are referring to the circle colors, it just helps differentiate the different axis of rotation. If you are referring to the blue halo around the part as a whole, that is just what Cura does to show you when you have selected a part. Also, you say what do the colors mean in Preview, but in your picture you aren’t in preview mode.. ? Hope this Helps!
  4. Here’s a video that may help. Look closely at the nozzle. Link to Video. I also included a picture of the front and back of what it printed. It did start to lift from the bed too.
  5. Oh yeah, that does has an affect on parts looking weird. Did you fix it by playing around with the z-seam settings in cura?
  6. It sounds like the gears or belts may be grinding. Check that those and the rods are clean, and if not, clean them. It may also help to grease the bearings a little bit. How long have you been using this printer? It might just be old and the grease has dried up or too much dust has collected on the rods or lead screws. I would just give cleaning a try! Hope this helps!
  7. Cura should be doing it as a straight line if the model has one line making the letter. Are the letters just one part or a collection of multiple parts. Also, what version of Cura are you using? 4.5 has some slicing improvements that may help.
  8. Could you please give a description of your slicing settings? And what lines are you referring to? With the highly detailed model it’s hard to see what you are talking about. Thanks!
  9. I now gave my glass bed a clean and it helped a little, but the problem still messes up every print. 😞
  10. Hi! This isn’t an ultimaker (Monoprice MP Delta) , but I’m having general issues with maybe bed adhesion? I’ll attach a picture, but whenever my printer does the first layer, the filament pulls up. There’s little holes in the layer, and it messes up the whole print. it also does this if the first layer is on top of a raft. It still pulls up. I’m printing on a glass bed, with glue stick. Temperatures are 200c on the nozzle, and 60c on the bed. I’ve tried to adjust the flow rate to fix layer adhesion problems, but it still wont stick to the bed. I know my bed is leveled, and I’ve used these settings before. My first layer speed is 10mm/s. I’ve tried everything, and it never seems to work. I’ve never had these issues before, and it all the sudden started. I’ve done some research on increasing temperatures while printing, an I usually printed at 190c but have increased to 200c. It helped a little, but going to 210c didn’t help much more, so I went back to 200c. The raft did stick fine too, but the layers after it did the weird peeling up you can see in the pictures. Should I try painters tape, or is this entirely unrelated to bed adhesion since the rafts stick? This also happens on different models sliced with different profiles, so I don’t think it is a problem with the GCODE. I’ve played around with more settings, but nothing seems to help. I’ve tried different types of glues, different settings, going back to the original profiles.. etc. It always fails in this way whenever it starts a flat part of a model. All rafts and skirts and brims print perfectly too. Any help with this would be appreciated as I’m trying to print some parts to help with Covid-19 with the little stuff I have available to me. I know you guys are probably best with Ultimaker printers, but hopefully you can help!
  11. Hi, I’m just wondering if Cura will ever come to IOS. I recently switched to an iPad to do my daily stuff, and I can even 3D model on it, but I’ve never been able to find a replacement for Cura, or in fact any IOS or online based slicer. It’s a petty problem, but I find it annoying to do all my work on my iPad, only to have to lug out the laptop, see if it’s charged, wait for Cura to start, then use it for 2 minutes and put it away. I know it would require extensive rewriting, but what if you just did an online version on servers you may already have? Heck, I would even pay for that. I just really want something equivalent to Cura (preferably actual Cura) to be available on an IOS device. Do you have any plans to do this ever, or is it just a lost cause?
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