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  1. To my expirience so far, using 1 line wall support seems to be easy enough to remove. Im new to this too though and I don't know if this is enough for bigger prints or if are there any other options.
  2. Hello, I am new to 3d printing and i tried to print this part to upgrade my Anet A8 but when I select generate support , it generates those weird support stuctures that doesn't seem to support anything. I tried to find the setting to disable it and generate only the supports that I need but I coudn't find it, so I printed it. The cylinder, right one , was inside a hole and was a nightmare to remove and I almost damaged the part trying to pill it out. I'd like to reprint the part but first I need to disable these small supports. I really try to understand how the software works and what setting should I use for each part as as of now I find it really enjoyable but this really messes with my head. If you have any idea of what is causing this or a way to work around it, I'd be very thankfull.
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