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  1. I'm having an issue where the y-axis of my prints are dead on but the x-axis is off by about -2%. Is there a way to adjust just the x-axis? My machine uses screw instead of belts and I found no play in the axis.
  2. Nevermind. I was not aware that Fusion360 does the conversion automatically if I switch the units to mm. So if anyone else has this issue, here is your answer.
  3. I just spend dozens of hours designing an assembly in SAE using Fusion360. I just loaded the first part in Cura only to find that slicing in SAE does not seem to be an option. I installed the BarbarianPlugin but am not sure how to "activate" it or if it will even work. Any ideas? redrawing the entire assembly in metric is not an option. If I can't do it with Cura is there another program that I can use?
  4. @gr5 You da man! I printed it with your settings and everything is within .02 mm. THANKS!
  5. Hello and thank you for the detailed response. 1. I first printed the part that I attached in it's entirety using the default 0.2mm settings. Then I printed the first 6 layers with the engineering 0.1mm settings. Both times I had the same amount of oversize. 2. It's a Snapmaker original printer. It's a neat little machine that allows me to print, engrave, and cut. I've used all three features for my flight simulator "stuff". Got it NIB from a guy on Craigslist for $500. Been wanting to do this for years but the price of 3 separate machine was WAY to cost prohibitive.
  6. I printed the first few layers at .1mm, Same issue. Is a printer similar to a CNC cutter? It would seem that the amount in excess is half the width of the line width x2 for an outside measurement. Do I need to take line width into account? Is there a way (like with a CNC) to choose "inside the line" instead of "on the line" so it will make the necessary adjustments in the software?
  7. Hi All, Total NOOB to making here so please be gentle. I’m making some interlocking pieces. Basically a rectangular box made from 6 panels with tabs around the edges. I printed one out to measure; the overall measurement of the piece is .4mm bigger and all the tabs around the outside edges are .4mm wider than specified. And the area between the tabs is about .3mm narrower than specified. STL attached.I printed it with a .4mm nozzle using the default .2 mm print setting. If I print it using the fine setting can I expect better results? I have smaller nozzles but I can't select the siz
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