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  1. Thank you for the help. Slider blocks were fine however aligning the xy rods fixed the issue.
  2. This happen to me this morning as I found the rods had fallen off and my print was destroyed. I placed the rods back in the bearing and while running a calibration test, I noticed the rods began to move out of place again. Any solutions to this?
  3. I have the same situation as well where the fan is not at the desired speed. ER86. There are no obstructions, fan spins without any issues. Has a space clearance in the back, has a brand new filter in, is on the latest firmware and I unplugged and re plugged the wires on the back and have done several machine shutdowns but something is still wrong. I have also placed a ticket in (4757). It’s also a Ultimaker S5 pro bundle with material station with air filtration.
  4. I did a factory reset after I reverted it back to 5.5.12 but the X- axis keeps coming back misaligned. I am truly stumped by this one. Not sure why the x- axis coordinates would be misaligned after installing the 5.7.2 install.
  5. I fixed my camera issue and alignment. I had to revert back to the old firmware and go under printer settings as I noticed my 2nd extruder was misaligned by a couple of mm off.
  6. This Firmware fixed the camera issue however ever since I updated it to 5.7, the prints are misaligned. I did a calibration test to correct the issue however the calibration test did not fix the issue. In return, my prints are not sticking onto the breakaway and lifting off the glass bed. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I got my camera to work again. I have the latest update from Cura (4.6.1). I went over to my Ultimaker and under the Settings Tab, go all the way down where it says cura connect and reset the ethernet slide button. All this happen while there was no printing. If it is printing, the tab will gray out. I hope this helps. I will update if the camera fails again.
  8. This is also a problem I have been dealing with and regretted updating to the latest firmware. Hopefully there is an update soon as it is truly an inconvenience.
  9. "Ultimaker S5 with its custom-engineered Material Station and Air Manager, now you can transform your office 3D printing workflow with automated material handling, optimized air filtration, and filament humidity control." The purpose of the purchasing the S5 pro bundle was that this system integrated a filament humidity control. Maybe the pva that came with it was compromised? However the case, the room in which this sets on, does not receive humidity and with the added humidity control on the system in itself I figure the pva would not brittle. I ended up tucking away the pva filament a
  10. I had this problem as well and I ended up using the breakaway material due to it getting caught. I hardly use the PVA now. (Using a s5 pro bundle)
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