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  1. Good evening and thank you for your response. The printer is Maker Select v2 using Cura 4.5 with custom printer parameters suggested by the Select v2 manual. I have not printed anything else (of my design) because when I start a print the PLA will not stick to the bed (right now I am only interested in printing my designs). I assume the bed and printer are OK and the bed is level because it prints all samples on the SD card sent with the printer. When trying anything other than from the sample SD, the Pla seems to be coming out of the nozzle to slow (or the speed too fast). Nine out
  2. Hello to everyone. I am new to the forum and 3D printing. I am active in the RC world of airplanes and multi-rotors and have 3D prints made by whoever is the quickest and least expensive. But I recently retired so I though it would be a good time to dive into 3d printing. However the experience has not started out as well as I expected. I am have trouble printing anything except samples from the supplied SD card. I'm not sure if i need to post this issue here, so please let me know where/how I should ask for help. Thank you Roger
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