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  1. 10/16/2020.......Latest firmware and cura 4.7.1. Ultimaker 5S, ethernet connected. A week ago after latest update my printer disconnects after a few seconds in Cura. I can connect with the digital factory, but file sent to print does not show up on my printer. Has anybody fixed this yet?
  2. I read this fascinating article about injection printing with a a standard printer. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214860420308411?dgcid=author. . Has anybody tried it? Maybe customize Cura to do it?
  3. I have decided not to sell it. Once I got it setup it is the best printer I have ever owned. Although expensive for a toy.
  4. Available mid-May. After I have finished printing PPE. Lightly used Ultimaker S 5 3D printer. This is considered the top of the line desktop FFF printer. I bought it 3 months ago to print PPE for my local hospital, medical clinics, Dentists and my barber. It has only been used for hobby related prints and my current project. The AA 0.4 printhead has only printed 9.4 reels of filament. The BB 0.4 less than one. Prior to this machine I had only been familiar with Formlabs printers. This Machine works like a dream, but has way more features than I will ever need. I don’t t
  5. I am printing the Prusa PPE face shields. I brought the stl part into Fusion360 to tinker with it. The imported dimensions were grossly off compared to the real dimensions. See the values below. The drawing on the right is my redesign. When I send it to Cura 4.6 the model is in a very small size. Cura does not show the dimensions I used but on the build plate and in real life the print is very small. I could use some explaining, please.
  6. Good to know. Did you tinker with any of the jerk setting or infill settings?
  7. This started yesterday. I opened a previously printed file (macOS ). The model is opened as one would expect, then 2 seconds later the arrangement changes. It rearranges to look like this. It loses it's orientation. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. No, I think the jerk setting and slower infill speeds helped. The clear covering material I bought at Staple's for twice the price is what did not laser cut well.
  9. I like the minimalist head band but the holes are different from what I am printing and I do not want to change the laser cutters settings. Here is a photo of my last PETG print. Hardly any debris.
  10. For some reason using some of your settings I don't see any stringiness. I am printing at a layer thickness of .3. I found a sign maker with a laser cutter. Each face plate is between $1-2 depending on the material. The acrylic is the more expensive. I tried thick .17mm PVC, but the laser generated chlorine gas, and did not cut well.
  11. Good news, I used some of your settings and my prints turned out much better. Do yo have any idea if the bottom and top patterns being concentric makes a difference?
  12. Hi @Diego_Medics3D, Are you in the San Diego Area? If so I am also printing for a local medical facility. If you have defined areas of need I may also be able to help.
  13. Voilá....All will be revealed. I put a .txt behind your file and it opened.
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