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  1. Hello! I'm running the newest version of cura and I got an error when starting the software. It said something along the lines of not being able to start, and it asked me if I'd like to backup my preferences (I chose yes). I had something running on my GPU at the time, so I stopped it and was able to start cura like normal, only now all my preferences and profiles are gone. I checked cura backups under extensions and it says I don't have any. This already happened once about a month ago, but I wasn't able to figure it out and just started from scratch. I hope I'm missing something-- how do I get all my settings that were backed up?
  2. Hello! First time poster here. Sorry if my title isn't very descriptive, I've having a hard time describing my issue. I've been working on adapting my 3D printer into a pen plotter. It's been working pretty well, but I'm having an issue at the beginning of plotting where the printer extruder does the X, Y, and Z movements all the same time. The problem here is that the Z movement typically completes before the X and Y, which causes the pen to draw some undesired lines on the paper. I had the same issue at the end of prints, but I was able to fix it by adding in gcode that makes the extruder z-hop after finishing printing. However, this does not work at the beginning of prints, as it z-hops and then starts the print in the same way. Ideally, the printer would move into the proper XY position, and then start its descent. Anyone have any idea how to do this? Some gcode I can put at the beginning of the print or something? Appreciate it.
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