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  1. Cheers for the reply. I figured it'd be something like that. Have you heard of anyone has an open source web UI that could work with it? I could probably manage to get it working via command line but I've no idea when it comes to UI stuff.
  2. Hi, After browsing the forum I feel it should be possible to install Cura on a headless server (docker?) And access it on my mobile device over local lan. I'm stuck on the UI bit. Does the docker image contain a UI that's accessible over a specific port? Essentially id like something like Astroprint (slice only) on my own network. My setup is as follows Printer: DIY Cartesian Firmware: Klipper Firmware Web server: DWC2 I've access to a pi 2 and a Ubuntu headless server on Windows HyperV Essential I would love to slice an STL from my phone and upload the Gcode directly to my machine. Cheers for any pointers. D
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