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  1. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reaction. Those days I voluntired to print a part for a face sheild fused by the coronavirus fighters using an STL file I received. The problem is that when printing ends the nozzle is near fo touching the surface of the print and makes difficult to remove the part. I'm interested to add/change the last Gcode before printing stops so, the hotbed will move 20 - 30 mm from the product surface. I do not know how to see the "Gcode edit" window. Your kind help will be more than appreciated. Abraham Gome
  2. Sorry, I'm not an Ultimaker owner.Two years ago ( when I was 80 ) I decided to start with 3D printing as my new hobby. Recently I stopped using the Repetier-Host and started to use Cura 4.2.1 and I would be very grateful to get some help. Since started to use Cura 4.2.1 I can not edit, to add a G code....., and hope to find here the help I'm looking for. Best Regards, Abraham Gome
  3. I'm a new user of cura . When printing ends the nozzle is touching the surface of the print.How can I edit and insert an additional Gcode to move the nozzel far from the print surface.? Thanks, Abraham Gome
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