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  1. And I did find it, you have to hit Tune to find the abort button. Thank you again.
  2. gr5 Thank you! That is very very helpful.
  3. Thank you for your response gr5. I attached a photo when I should have done that before. I did not see an abort option. I saw "resume print" "change material" and "tune" So I ended up resuming the print job and will try again. Thank you for asking about the PPE. The person in charge has given out over 150 face shields already and Rhode Island Hospital called him and is asking him for more. It's not junk 3D material and if it was I would also try to stop the process. With the lack of federal help, more librarians and teachers are volun
  4. I have a Ultimaker 2 printer and the print job started off well but then had many microfibers all over the place. I paused the job but I want to completely start over. How can I do that? I am making face parts for health care worker who are caring for coronavirus patients. I'm a newbie. I'm not going to bed without success. Help.
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