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  1. Sorry my fault. I was talking about Cura 4.6.1.
  2. Just acquired a Monoprice MP10. Along with it in the micro sd was a copy of Cura 3.3 which, as far as I know, is the only one which has a profile for my new printer and it works just fine. Having already downloaded Cura 4.6 I decided to copy over the settings from 3.3 and create a profile for the MP10. Copied everything exactly and then using 4.6 sliced a copy of Benchy as a test. The picture shows what happened about half way through the print, a big step in the model. So I then tried the same STL file in 3.3 sliced it and set it off. A perfect print! Just to check I also printed the tavern from Talisman in 3.3 and it also was perfect. On slicing the tavern in 4.6 it failed as the picture shows in exactly the same place and way. I have double checked all the settings that I copied over to 4.6 and there are no mistakes or omissions so I can only assume that somewhere in 4.6 there seems to be a glitch in the code. Has anyone else come across this or something like it?
  3. When Crown of Command is loaded into Cura, 2 items appear in the build space, the tower and, next to it, the crown, which is fitted to the tower top after printing. What I would like to do is print the crown alone. As they both load together from the same file is there any way to load only one item from an STL file which contains more than 1 item.
  4. I'm printing the Talisman Crown of Command. When it finished it was beautiful but the crown, which is printed separately, was far too big to fit on top. Is there a way to only print the crown at a different scale and not reprint the tower again? I've tried the 'Print one at a time' method but it still insists on printing the tower at the same time as the crown. I could just let it go on and then cancel the print when the crown is finished first as it's lower than the tower but that's such a waste of filament.
  5. Hi all, I'm very much an elderly "newbie" and am expecting delivery at the end of the week of a 3d printer called the A10S. The actual maker is a bit obscure!! All the limited reviews seem to like this one as it has a large bed plate but, as it's "new", there have been no indications as to which of the many established printers it resembles. Does anyone out there know ? Also I downloaded Cura to have a look and a browse and I couldn't find anywhere how to connect the printer to my laptop except via a network. I don't mean how to plug one into the other but what will happen when one is plugged into the other and will Cura recognise it? Thats all I need to know so far. Can anyone help please? unclebill.
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