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  1. thanks for this clear answer! By rebooting you mean switching the power off an on with the switch on the back?
  2. I can find a lot of information about Marlin, but can't find this specific question, so maybe someone can help me out. I consider to change the g-code flavor from ultimaker2 to Marlin because I want to have a higher temperature for the first layer for one print. The printer warns that this will override the machine settings (for the materials). This is fine for this print, but does it change the material setting only for this print, or is the change definitely on the machine? When I make an other print after this one with flavor ultimaker2 (with no material setting in the g-code) does the printer uses it's original setting of the loaded material, or does it use the material settings from the latest print? In other words, is the change in the material-settings with the Marlin flavor definite, or only for the print concerning the g-code? I think I asked the same question in thee different ways in the text above 🙂 But maybe I don't know enough about this and one question leads to another answer. There is probably a lot to learn for me still 🙂
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