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  1. Hi I am printing PPE parts for our medical workers. We received the STL from the project coordinator with suggested settings for Cura. I normally use Simplify3D but the print took much longer than expected. So I switched to Cura with the latest download and the print time was in line with the predicted time. However, I have a strange anomaly at one place in the part that is identical for all parts. I did a re-slice but it seems to stay the same . The top part in the picture was printed with Simplify3D and the bottom one with Cura. Seven parts after that are all identical. As if the error is actually part of the gcode. The printer is my own build based on a Cron (local company) CFFFP_Viziera Reinforced (Repaired).3mf Viziera Reinforced (Repaired).gcode
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