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  1. The STL's are sound as I haven't had a issue slicing them before. It came to that after installing the newer Cura. It was after slicing, and going to preview. However I changed settings, such as top and bottom thickness from the .8 that was standard to 1mm, as well as a few other settings that I can't recall offhand, and resliced, when I came back, the glitch or whatever you want to call this, was gone. The anomaly hopefully won't repeat itself. I actually was proceeding to install a previous version of Cura just in case the changes I made didn't work as well when this 'corrected'
  2. I changed it to line type, travels is not selected, its showing red as shell.
  3. Trying to get some work done as far as printing goes since I'm making supplies for work amidst the whole covid thing. I upgraded to Cura 4.5 and set out to slice another project before doing more ear relief pieces. When the process finishes and go to preview there are tons of lines in between the 4 parts showing up. Not sure what the cause for this is all of a sudden as it was working perfectly fine yesterday. Image attached with what is going on. Coasting is off, since that is the closest thing I've seen to this issue. I don't know if its just the preview is messed up or if someth
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