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  1. Ah, you're right, I didn't create it, I still have to learn that. I got it from thingiverse and you can see the vertical line in one of the photos, but I didn't notice it at first. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3025841 I'll check out netfabb, thanks!
  2. Hi folks. I'm a new member here (also newbie to 3D printing) and I'm facing a problem I don't know how to properly google it. So, I'm trying to print a model and I noticed the printer was jerking and putting extra filament (see the attached photo). When I went to Cura, I noticed it is actually instructing my printer to do that, is there a way to merge these parts? I looked into the Merged Meshes Overlap, but no matter the value, it didn't change this instruction. All in all: 1. How can I call this thing to properly google it? 2. How can
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