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  1. I had the exact same issue, and I noticed that if I immediately printed again then the print was perfect. I think I had skin oil on the BuildTak surface I was printing on which caused localized severe adhesion issues. Maybe try a quick back to back test? For me: I was printing .2mm high by Xmm by Ymm flat squares to test ABL. I noticed that my first print after messing with the build surface would have that issue, and initially I thought maybe the print head was high or my leveling mesh was wrong... but then I noticed that without changing anything the next identical re-print wo
  2. Someone has actually started that process: It's buggy and incomplete right now, but a really interesting start. And as someone who likes Shapr3D and Octoprint.. I would love this...
  3. I'll just add that I just found this happening to me on my Ender 5 Pro and google helpfully led me here. 😃 Please count me as another person who would love to see independent axis (re)inversions as an option for the Cura-Octoprint interface. Thanks for the amazing work on the plugin, it is impressively slick...
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