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  1. @gr5 So I did what you suggested. There isn't a loose screw or bolt or hex bolt on this entire printer now. Also made sure both x rods were level and at the same height. Printing and its doing the same exact thing. Called where I purchased the printer and they said the xyx code in the print settings is wrong and to re install the software with the correct start/end gcode.
  2. @gr5 I am using an Anet a8 I just purchased. The software is cura 4.5.0. Im having trouble changing the x y x in the print settings and im thinking that may be the issue. The settings aren't letting me change the default settings as instructed in other videos I've seen.
  3. Anyone have any idea as to why my 3D prints are being printed out in 2D layers? Below is the 3D image and what is being printed. I have the latest version of Cura 4.5.0 and the only Gcode I can find is for 4.0.0. my email is gass107@gmail.com I have been trying to figure this out for 3 days. Printing with an Anet a8 Thank you for any information
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