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  1. Dreamss

    UM2+ Firmware

    Hi One more question the stock fw seams to be diffrent when looking at the fw version on the display it say Version_3.3.0 Marsh 15 2018. As there is only one release from UM2.1-Firmware and its called 15.11. Is there a way to get the orignal fw back if i add the one from github ? and what is the diffrens ?
  2. Figured it out, one of the rods that where loss must have bin like this sins it was new. not i hope to get better results https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgESjhAuHj7zjJt8UCYiFW5QdWsN0g
  3. For no apparent reason the print head seams to hit the build: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgESjhAuHj7zjJt2bclE4syUBwgf_Q And it gets more and more the higher it is.
  4. Dreamss

    UM2+ Firmware

    Hi i am looking to upgrade my UM2+ with a bondtech extruder, in the instruction thy reference the Ultimaker2Marlin as a base but i saw in this thread that some one had trouble and was referenced to this UM2.1-Firmware. What is the diffrence ? And what version is the correct one ?
  5. I am guessing you didnt tune the build plate, then the filament will just go around and make big blobs.
  6. Hi I have UM2+ where the prints that are higher loosens from build plate, i have tried a few different prints and they seam to be getting loos around 7-8cm above the build plate. If any one have any ide what can cause this i would be really happy for input. Print looks great up to this point. I am using Ultimaker PLA and printing with default settins using cura
  7. Any inside to this topic, my brand new UM 2+ started giving away this sound after about 4h usage
  8. Its zipped file so try unzip and it should work. With my UM2+ i can print directly on the glass (make sure its clean) with normal CPA, you can create your own material file and start with that as a base and modify it to get the result you want
  9. Hi I used Prima EasyPrint PET-G in my UM 2+ Remember to pre-heat... I attached my materiel file hoop it helps. Hade slip from the bed a few times until i bumped the bed heat. PrimaEasyPrint-PETG.xml.fdm_material.zip
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