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  1. Is there still no way to do this? I did find the post below from last year. I have a 0.25 nozzle and a 0.4, I only want to print the text on top of the object with the 0.25, I'm forced to use the same print profile for both and the layer height is pulled down to 0.1mm. Now - I'm using a solex 3d printcore which is recognized by the machine as an AA 0.4 - so I cant have two separate "cores" in the build. Would I be able to have different layer heights (as a multiple) if I had two separate print cores? Is it even possible to make a new printcore configuration
  2. Question in title. Is it possible to switch the filament between different jobs in the print queue on my S3? I want to change the color in Extruder 1 before starting the next print. During the "removal" phase after a job is done the ability to change filaments is greyed out, and if I check "print bed cleared" then it will automatically start the next print.
  3. I have a spare flexible aluminum build plate from an old MK3, can I use this on my Ultimaker S3? The dimensions are close, I am mainly curious if its going to screw with the bed leveling, or if anyone has tried getting a flexible PEI plate to work with their 3/S3/S5
  4. Ok great - yeah that's what I was worried about, I'll swap my workflow to using gluestick instead.
  5. I just ordered an Ultimaker S3, I've been using a Taz6 and Prusa for a long time now and really like the PEI build surface. I'm not exactly sure how the bed leveling works (heated nozzle?) and if that would damage a PEI sheet, or if the sheet would interfere with the leveling process. Has anyone installed one on a S3 yet? Any other things I should be attentive to? Thanks!
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