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  1. I will give this a try again. I have a slightly related issue. I have my walls set to print at 80 mm/s. But when I go to the preview and check the feed rate, it shows much slower, around 15 mm/s. I am currently using the Artillery Sidewinder printer. Someone made the profile for cura 4.5 that i am running. If I install 4.6, can I still us that printer profile? thanks.
  2. Got my printer printing perfect right now, just scared to change anything.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I am using version 4.5 and I do not see the cutting mesh option. Is it available in version 4.5?
  4. So I have successfully used support blocker to add more infill to my prints to areas of a print where more infill was needed. I have a print were in one section, I would like for it to print slower. I activated the support blocker and changed the settings over to speed. But when I slice it, and preview it, the whole object prints at the same speed. Anyone have any ideas why this is not working? thank you.
  5. Acceleration is set to 5000 mm/s and jerk is set to 20 mm/s. I understand what you are staying about every time the extruder slows down. But if you look at my last picture, on the far right, the vertical edge, right in the middle, it does not over extrude. Also the cubes with no top that i printed, the corners are perfect. When I print the cube with the top, the top 3 layers (because I but 3 top layers) have over extrudes in the corners. I am using the Artillery Sidewinder X1. I think you might be right about the Z axis being dirty. I remember the printer was pretty pretty w
  6. Adding pictures instead of linking them. Moderator, please delete my link to pictures in original post. thank you.
  7. I have set my flow to extrude exactly 0.80 mm when I do two walls. Each line is set to 0.40 mm. When I print a cube with no top layer, the corners come out perfect. When I print the same cube but with 3 top layers, it over-extrudes in the corners. Please see attached pictures. Also, it seems to over-extrude or make an additional movement when other features are on the same line. Not sure if that makes sense. But basically the corner of this part should be the same in the vertical direction. For some reason it is not. Printing with Hatchbox PLA, 190c extruder t
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