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  1. I print adult toy proto types... from which we make molds and then do our own molds for plastics injection. I am thinking of adding a resin 3d printer so there is less finish work necessary to speed up things. But keeping the filament printer for prototyping. I am also printing accessories and tools for quilting and machine knitting. Big hobby of mine. And I am printing/learning about/ playing with custom orthotics. And now the husband has discovered just how many kinds of things he can ask for, such as replacement hinges for a cooler (the old hinges had
  2. Nallath, can you provide the link to github when you tell people to post a bug there? I have no idea where github for the particular spot you want bug reports done actually is.
  3. Wire printing is interesting to me. With translucent filament it makes interesting objects for things like retail displays of jewelry etc. I wish there was an edible sugar based filament I could put through my Ultimaker. There would be some badass dessert decorating in my future with wire printing.
  4. I'm curous too as I suspect the answer may help me. I want to "not print" the top 30 mm of my project. Just to test something. it isn't worth doing the cad work. Simply being able to block printing of the primary filimate. Like blocking support material from printing. Only I want to block normal material from printing. Sounds like just what you want to do too.
  5. OMG! Thank you Ultimaker! I just read the notes for the 5.7.3 update. Seeing a still in the digital factory every 10 seconds will be great! Thank You! p.s. keep the great updates coming!
  6. I started this topic because I want to see what is printing over the Internet. The printer is five miles away from my home. On a multi hour or day print, it would Useful to peek in from time to time. When I bought the S5, all the stuff promoting the printer talked about how it was possible to view the printing with the built in camera. That’s a large part of why I picked this printer. However , that’s been a bunch of bunk. I was hoping this last update to the firmware and the digitalfactory would provide it. Nope. I am disappointed again. It seriously isn’t hard to do this online Webcam video
  7. TPU and if it can be had in different densities. I want to make shoe insoles and prosthetic supports. I'd also like to be able to make something light weight but tough enough to wear on concrete and asphalt in the summer time in Texas.Maybe with honey comb voids to help with the weight issues and to replace shoe soles for custom orthotic and prosthetics.
  8. I want to see the camera on my s5! That’s why I bought it! But I can’t see it from home!
  9. Sometimes , usually for me due to needing to clean the glass, the print job stops because the s5 can’t do the auto leveling procedure. I would like to suggest that the auto leveling occurs prior to priming the tips. Changing the sequence would save filament since so much is extruded with every attempt to print. If the auto leveling can’t complete, then no filament would be wasted.
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