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  1. Ah just u6. I didn't realise diode needed replacing too,
  2. Hi, I had same issue. Got it repaired and the same component died again. I bought £60 board through aliexpress , fitted, updated firmware and works fine.
  3. Hi, i wonder if you could tell us where the 5v regulator is on the board? I have a similar issue and have found this component burnt but cant identody it. Thanks
  4. Hi all i have had a similar problem. My printer just died. No power to board. Power supply okay and 24v to board. Ive since inspected board and found the following component seems to have failed in the attached image. Does anyone know what this component is as the 1st letter of the part number is burnt. Someone mentioned a 5v regulator. Is this it, and if not does anyone know where it is? Thanks
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