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  1. @rcfocus Yes we previewed the sliced results in Cura and everything looks fine. @gr5 The yellow material is yellow PLA which we're using as breakaway support, but we did also use actual Breakaway material and still made the same result. The issue is still persistent. It's worth mentioning that there's a 0.4mm gap between the parts in the vertical stack to break them apart, and we also tried 0.3mm and 0mm, but they all yield the same issue. We even tried manipulating the STL file in 3DS Max but still the same issue. Since some layers work, we hope that we can do the en
  2. We're in the process of 3D printing headbands for face shields to donate to hospitals. We're stacking the models vertically in order to print 24hrs straight without user intervention to maximize our printing, as these prints are needed urgently. However, every third row in the stack has loose filaments that makes it a defect. In those layers, the first few slices of filament become loose at specific locations and gradually this effect lessens until halfway through that piece, then the top half prints ok (see attached image below). We changed so many settings, but yet the effect is
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