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  1. You show no network connection in your systray. Check that and make sure you have allowed Cura through the Windows firewall and turn off the VPN if you are running it to see if that helps.
  2. Understood. However, the issue happened with every profile I tried including the built in Ultimaker ones. Regardless, the problem seems to be related to Cura being somehow internally disconnected from its slicing engine when connected to NordVPN with split tunneling enabled. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/9144 I'm waiting to hear why a VPN that only controls traffic to the internet will break Cura. Is Cura talking to the internet to slice? As an aside, this also was causing my inability to log into my account via the app. I'd ALMOST get
  3. Agreed and earlier in the thread I mentioned that in my case I deleted all of those folders for the previous version that had been installed. unless there is an additional location as well, I had done this already, but still had the issue. I also created and uploaded a 3MF file earlier in the thread for troubleshooting as well. As I mentioned the installation went from working perfectly fine to no longer slicing with no changes in Cura. Version 4.8 was working fine as I'm guessing it was for the others in this thread. Any "experimental" features being used were being us
  4. I appreciate your testing. Shouldn’t the profiles that are built into Cura be “known good“? i’m wondering if there was some small Windows update or something that was causing this problem? This exact same installation and version of slicer was working a few days ago. All of a sudden it stopped. I didn’t change anything else.
  5. I tried it both ways in 4.8 and it just hangs. I did have 4.6 on the system as well and that also fails to work for me. I since removed them all and deleted all original appdata folders to start "fresh" so I don't have 4.6 on the system anymore, but for me, neither 4.8 nor the new alpha will slice.
  6. Yesterday I installed the new Alpha version with the entirely new slicing engine just to see what would happen. Same thing. It bring up the little slicing dialog in the bottom right corner, but it just sits there at 0% and never starts any actual slicing. I let it sit like that overnight using the Ultimaker profile (so it can't be blamed on 3rd party) and nada.....
  7. A 1.5GB STL? Am I understanding that correctly? I can't even get a 150K STL to slice even using an Ultimaker printer profile.
  8. OK< I completely removed Cura of all versions. I deleted the entire profiles folder located here: C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\cura Restarted system and installed Cura 4.8 from scratch. It started from scratch as if it had never been on the system at all making me setup a new printer etc. Using the Ender3 profile it still doesn't slice. I decided to add an Ultimaker profile to the system thinking perhaps it's profile related so I added an Ultimaker 3. Still doesn't slice......doing the same thing. If I uninstall the program and delete
  9. I had the OctoPrint plugin installed a while back, but never used it past day one so it's been disabled and uninstalled for a while now. Regardless, if I uninstall the program and tell it to remove settings shouldn't that get rid of any traces of it anyway? PS: I also can't log in through the program to Ultimaker. If I click sign in it starts to open a webpage than immediately changes URLs to a localhost address which won't open. This is after multiple reboots and a reinstall of v4.8.
  10. Since I started seeing this issue uninstalled 4.8 and went back to 4.6.1 as a test. Same problem though. I have attached the requested files you mentioned from the v4.6 install. I am running Windows10 with the latest updates as of today on an Intel Core-i7 laptop that has sliced fine since I started using Cura well over a year ago. This literally just started a few days ago with no other changes that I am aware of. It just hangs when you go to slice something as described in the OP. GlueGunStand.3mf cura.log
  11. I have this exact same issue starting in the last 24 hours with v4.8.......:(
  12. You can just go to the download page and download the last version then install that one. That's what I did and it's back to normal. Each version installs to a different folder so they can run independently.
  13. Have you considered changing the "update available" notice to pop up when a new beta release is available as well? Of course not everyone will do it, but I can tell you that the only reason I generally know there is an upgrade is from that popup. Even casually trolling for beta testers may pick up some volunteers that otherwise wouldn't even know about the betas. I didn't. Maybe make it an option (on by default) that allows users to be notified about beta release. If they don't want to know about them they can opt out of beta notifications.
  14. Got it. I misunderstood the original comment to mean that there was already a NEW beta released to address this issue. Thanks!
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